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Where to start losing weight? Let's lose weight right!



Where to start losing weight? Let's lose weight right!

Where to start losing weight? Let's lose weight right!

Where to start losing weight? Let's lose weight right. The morning and evening hours are the best time to exercise. the habit of exercising after you wake up - will also give you a boost of energy, and a good place for the day. 

A great way to lose weight and get your whole body working is to jump rope or go for a run. If you don't have time to do this in the morning. go jogging in the evening. Go to the playground near your home and enjoy jogging. 

When your muscles are already warmed up, it's a good idea to do some stretching like this morning's workout. Exercise gradually. you don't want to exhaust yourself right away.

What is the best time to exercise

If you can't lose weight at home, there's another sure way:

  1. At the gym, a personal trainer will tell you how to run properly to lose weight using a treadmill. 
  2. Your best assistant will create a proper personal training program and compose an individual diet.  
  3. Ask about the availability of an elliptical - a modern and versatile trainer that works for all muscle groups. 


No matter what time of day you work out, the most important thing is to do it regularly! Attend classes on time and you'll get results in no time.

The first place to start losing weight is to plan.

When you decide to lose weight, something is coming into your life and something missing.

And you have to prescribe what new things you bring into your life, a big ask to you, try not to drastically change your life, it won't be easy, and there is a good chance you might snap and give up.

  • I always suggest introducing 2-3 new actions into your life, for example: 
  • Start watching your portions, the amount, and the quantity of food.
  • This article, details how you can reduce your food portions 
  • Increase the number of meals or simply eat smaller portions.
  • If you don't know what fractional eating is, you can read more about it here.
  • And the third act is to start exercising or simply introduce walking into your life.

How do eat right to Lose Weight?

How do eat right to Lose Weight


There are some basic rules on how to start eating right and losing weight. Give up fried foods. Include stewed and baked dishes in your diet.

Steamed dishes are preferable a portion will be enriched with healthy vitamins that are not lost by cooking.

Train yourself to eat breakfast it is essential. Remember, the better you eat breakfast, the less you'll eat at lunchtime or later meals.

  1. Reduce your usual portion size by half. 
  2.  Eat-in portions - eat every 2-4 hours. 
  3. Drink as much water as possible.
  4. In case you didn't know, the feeling of hunger is sometimes false.
  5. Just drink a glass of water and you won't feel hungry anymore.

Sweets: indulge in a matchbox-sized snack or a glass of dessert no more than twice a week. a "good diet for weight loss" chart with a list of recommended foods can help:


At least 800 g/day

Cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, zucchini, eggplant, squash, beets


1 g/1 kg body weight

Eggs, poultry, fish, meat, seafood, legumes


At least 30-35 g/day

Pears, apples, oranges, and bran are acceptable as snacks.

How do eat well to lose weight? 

The 7 rules of the diet for weight loss.

Changing the power supply The basis of any weight loss is to establish your nutritional intake. 

Incorrect and unbalanced nutrition causes the body to malfunction, metabolism is disrupted (especially after 30), and fat accumulates.

And eventually not only overweight but also disease. Stopping overeating is not enough, and starving yourself in any way is not an option.

However, what is the plan to change the diet?

However, what is the plan to change the diet

One of the most popular formulas to get rid of excess weight reads:

  • That is, to lose weight, you have to spend more calories than you receive.  
  •  Almost every diet I know (and I'm sure you do too) is based on this.
  • On that note, I'd like to offer an alternative.

What does mean Harmful Calories?

Briefly illustrated this way.

if you eat 1000 calories of strawberries and 1000 calories of chips - which is healthier? I suppose you don't have to be a great nutrition expert to make the right choice in favor of strawberries.

You're sure a bowl of these berries won't make you fat, right? Progressive nutritionists have been saying that for a long time:

  1. The right food. 
  2. The approach should be as follows. 

1 Educate ourselves theoretically. 

We read articles about proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and find out which are good and which are not.

For example, we find that fats can be harmful (as most people think) and beneficial. If this sounds boring to you - then you don't want to lose weight, sorry.

If this sounds boring to you - then you don't want to lose weight, sorry. Believe me, this basic information (if you don't already have it) will be a reliable aid in your quest for thinness.

2  Dividing the number of meals per day by 5-6.

If you can't eat a decent meal during the day, prepare a healthy snack not cookies and sweets,  but veggies.

  • fruits 
  • nuts with chunks of dried fruit 
  • pumpkin seeds 
  • cottage cheese with fruit 
  • protein shake 
  • hard-boiled egg 
  • lean meat (chicken, turkey) lettuce toasted whole-grain bread.

Portions of protein and complex carbohydrates are the size of the palm of your hand. A serving of vegetables is the size of two palms.

 2 Gentle cooking 

That means cooking as little as possible. Yes, traditionally - less frying (if not really, then with minimal fat and reduced frying time, on high heat), it is better to boil, steam, bake, and stew.

3 Drink more water

Our body is composed of 80-90% (depending on our age) of water. Depriving our organism of this liquid.

(i.e. pure or mineral water) is only condemning it to dehydration and, consequently, slowing down metabolic processes. 

We should drink 2 to 3 liters of water per day?

We should drink 2 to 3 liters of water per day

It is recommended to drink a glass of water before meals - this will make you less hungry. Eliminate trans fats from your diet. Saturated fatty acids.

These fatty acids are harmful calories that don't want to leave our bodies and stay there permanently in the form of a layer of fat.

Trans fats are liquid processed 

(hydrogenated) vegetable fats that have been transformed into a solid-state in this way.

The result is a product with a distorted molecular structure.

When introduced into our bodies they destroy them?

And trans fats are everywhere in foods because they are cheap 

  1. hearty, as they say - fast food 
  2. chips 
  3. industrial pastries 
  4. cookies 
  5. candy
  6. chocolate 
  7. ketchup
  8. margarine
  9. butter and refined vegetable oils

Add unsaturated fats

These are the non-unsaturated fatty acids in our bodies, the omega-3 fatty acid. It helps normalize almost every vital system in the body. 

  • We can find it in lentils
  • walnuts
  • flaxseeds
  • special capsules
  • and sea fish

No more processed food 

Sausages, sausages - do you think there's meat in there?

There's fat and lard (and that's a good thing if there is), colorings, flavor enhancers, dyes - a bunch of preservatives with obscure names. 

You can replace all of that with clean meat or specially processed meat like Spanish ham and other quality delicacies.

Or you can phase out meat products in favor of plant-based foods (such as legumes) - both of which are healthier and better for your figure.

And packaged juices, too. All of these are full of unhealthy sugars and preservatives.

Keep an eye on the sugar content 

Sugar is a very unhealthy and calorie-dense carbohydrate (387 kcal per 100g). Try to avoid it or replace it with natural sweeteners or sugar substitutes.

In doing so, make sure that such sweeteners are no less harmful than sugar itself. In recent years, stevia has been considered the most useful.

Is a day diet helpful?

Keep an eye on the sugar content Sugar is a very unhealthy and calorie-dense carbohydrate (387 kcal per 100g).

Try to avoid it or replace it with natural sweeteners or sugar substitutes. 

In doing so, make sure that such sweeteners are no less harmful than sugar itself. In recent years, stevia has been considered the most useful. 

who control their weight

This question is often asked by people who control their weight.

Specialists believe that limiting the diet during weight loss to 400-700 kcal per day has a beneficial effect on the metabolism, speeding it up. However, common sense should not be overlooked when it comes to diets.

 A one-day diet, with a menu of healthy foods, is certainly beneficial. But hear dubious options, such as buckwheat with kefir or caramel, not. Except to damage the body, it will not give anything.

Optimal variants of discharge days:

Sour milk: kefir 1.5 liters and cottage cheese 180 grams. Divide it into five meals during your day.

Vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs in the form of a salad dressed with lemon juice and a tiny (literally a few drops) amount of oil 

Meat: chicken, rabbit or veal (450 grams), carrot and cabbage salad (650 grams)

Rice: a glass of boiled grain without salt, 500 milliliters of compote without sugar.

Prepare a drink of cranberries, cranberries, or sour apples.

Green tea: this drink contains protein, so it reduces the appetite. Add a slice of lemon and a tablespoon of honey. 

Consume the tea whenever you feel a strong hunger Yogurt: convenient for those who combine a day of unloading with work at the office.

You need three glasses of Greek yogurt and four green apples.

Fruit juices: this day of discharge is useful because it perfectly cleanses the body, saturating it with vitamins and minerals. 

In addition, such drinks are very tasty, have a varied flavor, and will give you a lot of pleasure. 

Suitable for this purpose are tomato juice without salt, carrot juice (diluted with water) with a tablespoon of cream, celery juice with cucumber juice, and mint.

Be sure to drink at least 1.5 liters of water on the day of discharge. You can reduce hunger by adding parsley, dill, and cilantro to your meal.

If you've worked up an appetite, chew some carrots. These can be chewy and, in addition, their sweet taste can lift your spirits.

Don't schedule sports activities for that day replace them with a leisurely walk in the park. For a stronger effect, a sauna or steam room is a good idea.

Especially effective days are to overcome the so-called 'plateau', a situation in which weight loss stops for no apparent reason.

Positive attitude and tranquility

Remember one thing

Stress and fatigue simply do not make you feel good about taking care of your body and your person.

So, the first thing to do is to worry about being calm. Try to put aside all doubts about your abilities.

Stop being nervous about having to give up your favorite foods. Believe me, if you follow our recommendations.

In a week you won't crave them as much as before. To fully relax, you need to exhale psychologically.

Stop controlling everything and everyone. At work, try to do the work that is your job description.

But do not get carried away. Do not pay attention to the boors in the store. Try to build a calm, if not friendly, relationship with neighbors and relatives.

 Remember - peace equals no stress

It means the absence of the hormone cortisol, which makes us resort to offenses against our figure (regular overeating, stress eating, cellulite formation).

Interesting: foods that prevent you from losing weight.

How to eat well and economically for a retiree

How to eat well and economically for a retiree

Due to age-related changes in the body, seniors should follow a diet to maintain their health. 

It serves as prophylaxis for several diseases, helps maintain normal body weight, and saves money on food purchases.

Healthy Diet Recommendations.

  1. Eat several times a day in small portions at the same time. Eat easily digestible foods (oatmeal) for breakfast, nutritious foods for lunch, and a moderately caloric dinner. 
  2. Drink at least 1 liter of water daily, no later than half an hour before and no earlier than an hour after meals.
  3. This helps reduce hunger and acidity.  
  4. Rebutter in your diet with vegetable oil.
  5. Products with combined fats (mayonnaise, margarine) should be avoided. 
  6. Buy cheap by-products (stomach, liver). 
  7. Cooked properly they are a little inferior to meat in terms of culinary qualities.
  8. Instead of red meat, use white meat, which is easier to digest - chicken, turkey, rabbit. 
  9. Include in your diet eggs, which provide the body with lecithin and protein, 3-4 pieces per week. 


Choose fish that is low in fat. Try to cook it at least twice a week, preferably steamed or boiled, rather than fried. 

  • Use a small amount of fresh onion and garlic (in the absence of medical contraindications).  
  • These vegetables promote the cleansing of the vessels, stimulate blood circulation and serve to prevent thrombosis. 
  • Avoid smoked foods, pickles, and canned foods, or limit their intake (no more than 2 times a week). 
  • Eliminate fast foods (hamburgers, sushi) and carbonated drinks from the family diet. 
  • Eating these foods is expensive and unhealthy. 
  • When cooking meat products, use the broth for soups, stew the meat itself with vegetables or make it a side dish. 
  • Try to eat at least 1.5-2 hours before bedtime. 
  • A cup of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey can be drunk 30 minutes before bedtime.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables


Saving money on groceries includes buying fruits and vegetables in season - it's cheaper and healthier. After harvest, prices are lower and the quality is better.

In the basement or cellar, you can put a supply of potatoes, carrots, beets, and other vegetables for several months from fall.

When buying, give preference to products grown in America or neighboring countries.

Slow-digesting carbohydrates

For a healthier body, it's helpful to eat foods that are high in fiber.

  1. They improve digestion, metabolism, and blood sugar concentrations.
  2. "Slow" carbohydrates have a low glycemic index (a measure of the rate at which saccharides are converted to glucose).
  3. They are also more digestible, giving a prolonged feeling of fullness.
  4. In the winter, they make the body more resistant to colds and stimulate serotonin production. 

Slowly digestible carbohydrates include:

  • legumes: peas, beans, lentils, barley (excluding corn)
  • Vegetables (except potatoes, and squash)
  • Fruits, berries, nuts 
  • milk, cottage cheese

Avoid smoked foods and fast carbohydrates

An effective way to save money and stay healthy is to avoid smoked foods and fast-digesting carbohydrates.

Cured meats, sausages, and smoked fish are not recommended for those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle (ZZH). 

These products contain many flavors, preservatives, and dyes, and are more expensive than natural meat or fish.

"Fast" carbohydrates are often made from the same unhealthy substances. Natural products in this category are broken down in the digestive system at high speed.

They satisfy hunger for only a short time and contribute to fat storage, which is why they are especially not recommended for women.

Highly digestible carbohydrates include:

  1. Pastries made from wheat flour 
  2. yeast dough 
  3. puff pastry  
  4. Potato dishes  
  5. sugar 
  6. milk chocolate, chocolate bars, sweets 
  7. fast food (chips, cola, hamburgers) 
  8. sugary fruit juices, drinks 
  9. granola 
  10. Rice, semolina, corn products (flakes, popcorn, grits) 
  11. Noodles, wheat noodles 
  12. honey 
  13. Bananas, apricots, grapes. 

Good Nutrition 

What a person eats has a direct impact on their well-being and body condition, as well as their appearance.

The steps to a flawless figure are wide and long, but they necessarily go through a step like a proper and healthy diet.

What is meant by the term "good nutrition"?

First of all, it is the elimination of all foods that contribute to weight gain. The list is quite long. A list of foods that are strictly prohibited during weight loss is shown in the table below.

Table of foods prohibited during weight loss.

  • Dairy products Butter: cream, sour cream, high-fat cottage cheese, cheese, milk 
  • Sweets Sugar: chocolate, sweets (especially chocolate desserts), jam, marmalade. 
  • Bakery White bread: fresh bread (freshly baked), pastries. 
  • Desserts: Cakes, pastries, sweet cookies, all sweet products (especially those with cream) 
  • Beverages: Sweet sparkling water, alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, coffee, cocoa, kvass, and black tea. 
  • Nuts Peanuts: cashews
  • Cereals Rice, wheat, lentils 
  • Sausage: ham, bacon, smoked meats, cold cuts, fatty foods, fatty fish 
  • Fast food: semi-finished products Any fast food (hamburgers, sandwiches, French fries, dumplings, frozen food). 

List of other prohibited foods

Canned products, potato chips, margarine, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, sunflower seeds, ice cream, pasta, spaghetti, pasta dishes with fatty broths, and egg yolk.


It is also highly recommended to minimize fatty, spicy, salty, and fried foods during the weight-loss period! In addition to dietary restrictions, a good diet should include a special menu.

To find the right menu to lose weight, you can use the advice of friends, who have already gone through all.

The difficulties of getting rid of excess weight, or you can find the most suitable diet with the help of the World Wide Web.

This applies, above all, to the individual characteristics of the organism of the person losing weight, as well as to existing health conditions (both chronic and newly acquired diseases). 

Diet rules.

The stage of proper nutrition has its own set of rules, which it is highly recommended to follow. 

Any dietary menu requires certain restrictions on a person's usual diet, so it is important to consider all the implications of such a diet.

Any dietary menu requires certain restrictions on a person's usual diet, so it is important to consider all the implications of such a diet.

the presence of any disease can be a serious restriction in the choice of a particular method of weight loss, up to a categorical ban on the diet.

the lack of important elements for the body, strictly limited by the diet, can seriously harm health.

Menu selection for effective weight loss is highly recommended to entrust an experienced nutritionist, a professional in his activity :

  1. It is important to have a complete examination and recommendation from a doctor before starting a diet to lose weight. 
  2. A good diet menu is not always a terrible hunger pang. It can be quite acceptable! 
  3. the presence of any disease can be a serious restriction in the choice of a particular method of weight loss, up to a categorical ban on the diet.

Menu selection for effective weight loss is highly recommended to entrust an experienced nutritionist, a professional in his activity :

  • It is important to have a complete examination and recommendation from a doctor before starting a diet to lose weight. 
  • A proper diet menu is not always a terrible hunger pang. It can be quite acceptable!

How to start losing weight properly step-by-step instructions?

People who are more than 20 kg overweight should not choose a diet and exercise program to lose weight on their own.


  1. This can lead to an exacerbation of chronic diseases and hormonal imbalances. 
  2. The procedure to burn excess fat, in this case, takes place in several stages. 
  3. Information on how to lose weight properly and give up junk food without harming your health is provided below.

How to start losing weight at home is a common question among overweight people?

Consultation with your doctor.

The first thing to do is to see a doctor and get a check-up to determine if you have any serious illnesses. 

Many overweight people have problems with their cardiovascular system or digestive system. In some cases, dieting may therefore be prohibited.

Your doctor will give you advice on how to lose weight and basic tips on how to change your diet.

Gradually replace bad eating habits with the right ones.

The process of breaking down high initial weight fat must be gradual.

Initially, the person who is losing weight will need to develop good eating habits that will normalize the gastrointestinal tract and lead to a reduction in volume. 

Sugar should be phased out by replacing it with honey or sugar substitutes, and grain products should be replaced with bread.

Important: those who love sweets should allow themselves to gradually eat fruits and berries.

Avoid extreme weight loss methods.

Before you start losing weight the right way, it is advisable to stop hoping for extreme ways to lose excess weight. 

Aggressive diets lead to the aggravation of chronic stomach diseases, altered metabolism, and slower metabolic processes.

In addition, with heavy restrictions, there is a risk of gaining weight again after returning to the usual diet of the day. 

For lasting results, you should follow gradual weight loss methods accompanied by a healthy diet.

Support from close people

Support from close people plays an important role in losing weight. Support gives you extra motivation to lose weight.

Therefore, it is important to talk to your loved ones and ask them not to eat junk food in the presence of a person who is losing weight. 

It is possible that some of the relatives also want to lose weight and improve their bodies.

Mental attitude.

Despite the importance of motivation, just the desire to lose weight is not enough.

It is important to be mentally prepared for all the challenges ahead, this does not apply mainly to women experienced in the fight against excess weight, but to newcomers.

  • This may include those girls who have long thought about "acquiring" a slim and beautiful figure but have decided to start the journey towards it only now.
  • This may be due to a loss of meaning of losing weight, or if a woman finds it intolerably difficult to comply with all the rules for losing weight properly.
  • The woman suddenly realizes that the effort is excessive and costly and that the result is distant and elusive.
  • Before embarking on the long and difficult process of losing weight, it is necessary to psychologically set the path to an ideal figure.

If this does not happen, the result may not be at all what you expected. Dream or reality - you can lose weight fast in a week without exhausting diets.

Thousands of women ask themselves every day, How fast can I lose weight?

Thousands of women ask themselves every day, How fast can I lose weight

Not everyone can follow a strict and exhausting diet, constantly experiencing a feeling of hunger and being in a state of depression.

After all, the weight lost during a diet usually comes back much easier and faster than it goes. 

Is it feasible to lose weight quickly in 1-2 weeks and maintain weight without following a strict diet?

 is possible if you to address the issue systematically?

You need to not only eliminate the symptoms of metabolic disorders (overweight) - you need to find out the reasons that led you to lose weight.

By eliminating the causes of rapid weight gain, we will solve the problem in the most effective way and without health consequences.

Typically, the response to the question "how can I lose weight?" is straightforward.

Stop eating. But if you do not want to damage your health and intend to live a long and satisfying life.

Starvation or a similar dieting method should not be considered a viable solution.

Only then will your body be willing to give up the fat it has accumulated.   Our bodies have their own opinions on nutrition and storage, determined by evolutionary convenience.

A lack of nutrition triggers hormonal regulation mechanisms that help convert nutrients into fat: 

The body thinks that a nutritional disruption is a kind of disruption and tries to protect itself against a possible food shortage.

But if you continue to eat regularly and follow a regimen, your weight is much easier to control. 

Of course, if you have developed a balanced menu with no "empty" calories, "fast" carbs, and keep track of portion sizes.

Another important point is to stick to a physical activity regimen. If you practice fitness or exercise along with a sensible diet, the process will be twice as fast.

Cardio and other activities will turn the fat reserves in your body into energy, giving you a leaner figure, a better mood, and a clearer mind.

Proper nutrition 

Proper nutrition is recognized by all medical, nutrition, and fitness experts as healthy and safe for human health. 

Its basic rules are easy to follow once certain rituals become a habit.

Drinking regimen 

Clean water is essential for:

  1. A healthy metabolism 
  2. Drinking less food with meals. 
  3. You should drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water per day on the following schedule. 
  4. Half an hour before a meal 
  5. One hour after a meal   
  6. During and after physical activity. 

Minimize sugar intake.

Sugar is a fast carbohydrate and the main "enemy" of a slim body. During weight loss, it is recommended to replace it with honey, stevia, and other organic sweeteners. synthetic sweeteners should be avoided.

  • Sugary drinks such as sparkling water, commercial juices, ready-to-drink teas, and all confectionery products should be avoided.
  • These produce insulin surges in the blood, which cause hunger and are high in calories.
  • The only exception is dark chocolate, which contains sugar. This can be eaten in limited quantities in the morning. 

Quality food.

The diet of a leaner person should consist of grains, meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, and cold-pressed vegetable oils.

You should prepare only your meals, without adding sauces.

During weight loss, it is necessary to avoid all foods.

fried food - such food is rich in calories and contains many harmful substances released during the thermal effects of oils. 

Semi-processed products, white wheat flour, and processed cereals - are sources of fast carbohydrates, which disturb metabolic processes.

Gradual meals. 

Eating five small meals a day helps you avoid hunger and speed up your metabolism.

Breakfast should never be skipped - it is during this meal that the body receives most of the carbohydrates.

Oatmeal with fruits, nuts, and dried fruits is the perfect way to start your day. 
When following a diet aimed at intensive fat burning, you should have a breakfast with protein foods.

Have dinner 3 hours before going to bed.

An early dinner will cause prolonged hunger, which is perceived by the body as stress, while a later dinner will overload the digestive system. 

The ideal dinner for weight loss is a protein dinner with fresh, green vegetables. It is best to avoid carbohydrates to accelerate fat burning.

Snacks in the first half of the day can be diet baked goods, fruits, and nuts, in the second half - vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, and fermented dairy products.

Dietary principles.

It is important to eat plenty of fiber throughout the day. It is necessary for healthy digestion and the elimination of toxins from the body.

Fiber sources include vegetables, fruits, sunflower seeds, nuts, and grains. In addition, dried plant fiber blends with water can be consumed.


Well-served food that a person will eat slowly will give pleasure and allow them to enjoy the taste of healthy foods.

It is important to eat slowly and chew each piece of food well - this will increase satiety and help the digestive system digest food more easily.

Tricks to help you eat less.

serving food in saucers or small plates - psychologically it gives the impression that a person has eaten a whole portion. 

when in fact the amount of food will be moderate.

Eating in front of a mirror - helps people for whom the best motivation is negative, that is, not wanting to stay in an obese body. 

Make a detailed plan.

In general, this is the second step after taking your measurements. Write down in your weight loss journal (or Beautiful Slim Diary) how many pounds and inches you want to lose. 

Then divide your weight loss into steps and set deadlines for each step. 

The ideal healthy weight loss rate is 0.5-1 kilogram per week or 2-4 kilograms per month. In the first month, the numbers can usually be higher.

Also, plan for possible deviations from the plan vacations, meetings at cafes with friends, etc. However, these deviations are also an important part of the plan.

Note :

Your decision to forget about calories, fats, and carbs on these days, but not to overeat. Otherwise, many, if not all, of your efforts will be wasted!