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If you drink coffee correctly, nutritionists are sure, your favorite drink will not only give strength but also help get rid of extra centimeters in the waist.6 ways coffee can help you lose weight.


Hot coffee can be a great way to start the day. However, as experts say, this drink can not only give you a boost of energy and vivacity but also help fight extra pounds. To do this, it is enough to follow a few simple rules.

Drink coffee without cream

If you're a fan of black coffee without added cream, you're in luck. It is this way of drinking coffee, that is the healthiest and most harmless for the figure.

According to nutritionist Lauren Manager, black coffee alone has almost no nutritional value and is packed with beneficial antioxidants.

Caffeine also helps with weight loss. The addition of cream and sugar makes coffee a rather high-calorie drink. So, if you want to lose weight, it is better to drink coffee without any condiments.

Add cinnamon to your coffee

But cinnamon can be added to a cup of coffee and is even needed. Cinnamon not only adds flavor to a drink without adding calories but also offers health benefits, the Manager says.

The spice has anti-inflammatory properties and protects against cancer and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Cinnamon also lowers blood sugar levels.

The 5 most common mistakes when drinking coffee

  1. Have coffee instead of breakfast
  2. Add sugar and coffee syrup
  3. Drink coffee drinks instead of water
  4. drink coffee in the evening;
  5. Add sugar substitutes to coffee

Drink coffee with skimmed milk

And what about those who don't like coffee without milk at all? Sports nutrition author Amy Goodson recommends avoiding high-fat dairy products or at least not using them every day.

A much better option would be to add skimmed milk to the coffee. After drinking this coffee, you will get plenty of low-calorie protein, which will help lose weight.

Make coffee at home

In cafes, as a rule, sugar, caramel, and chocolate syrups are added to the drink. Also, a person ordering a take-out often cannot control the amount of these additives. This makes the drink very sweet and high in calories.

So at least once in a while, it's best to make coffee at home, where you can keep track of what's in the cup.

Add protein to your coffee

  • There is another trick that will help all coffee lovers lose weight:
  • you can add protein powder to the drink.
  • As you know, KBJU balance is important for weight loss.
  • Many people don't get enough protein in their diets, which is a shame. 

This element helps to get rid of excess weight and reduce body fat, says nutritionist Courtney Angelo. Coffee with protein will help solve this problem.


Another versatile and popular drink is tea. Depending on the variety, it has a whole list of useful properties: for example, hibiscus tea is good for the heart, rooibos helps to lose weight, calms mint, chamomile helps normalize sleep, and a ginger drink helps improve the functioning of the digestive tract.

In addition, tea leaves also contain caffeine, so this drink provides energy. However, Chinese scientists warn that when using this drink, there are several errors that make the tea less useful. You can read more about it HERE.